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Your entire goal for running a portal is raise fundraising dollars. Fundraising checks are sent on the first day of the month, on a per-request basis.

Setup Payment Method

Payments are made to you via eCheck. Just tell us where you want your fundraising checks to go.

Request a Check

As your fundraising dollars accumulate you can request a check at any time. We send out checks on the first of the month.

Cash your Check

Now the FUN part! Just print and spend. It works just like any regular check.

Pricing & Fees

TFP has variety of fundraising opportunities look below for any fees that may apply to your program.

Online Mall

There are no fees for using this program.

Direct Donate

Participants are responsible for
- The 3% Credit Card Processing Fee
- The 2% TFP Commission

Gift Card Shop

Supporters are responsible for
- A 45¢ merchant processing fee per card

Search & Support

There are no fees for using this program.