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Charity / NPO - Custom Fundraising Solutions

With your own custom portal and marketing system, your supporters can reach out to their friends and family with ease and clarity. In just a few clicks your supporters are ready to raise money for your cause, using the latest peer to peer fundraising technology.

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Optimize your Fundraising Funnel

TFP helps optimize your donation process with minimal effort so you can focus on relationship building. We streamline your process from initial contact to conversion while encouraging engagement at every step.

TFP helps you: Maximize your outreach, Engage your supporters, Analyze your data and Optimize your results so that you reach your Fundraising Goal

Going Beyond Donations

Donations are only one part of your fundraising opportunities. We partner with charities of all sizes to engage supporters in things they are doing every day like: Shopping Online, Searching the Internet, Purchasing Gift Cards, and of course, Donating.

Our unique fundraising ecosystem, custom marketing materials and reporting features provide charities the tools needed to exceed their goal. The Fundraising Portal is where technology meets fundraising.

Engaging Supporters Through Shopping

TFP provides your organization the tools to engage supporters in ways that are relevant to their daily lives, like shopping. Turn the purchases they are already making into funds for your organization. Promote your brand image and earn a portion of those sales at the same time. Partner with our 1,500+ merchants that will contribute from 10¢ to 10% of each sale to your cause.

Fundraising is easy with your custom fundraising app. All your supporters need to do is just download the app and start shopping.

  • The app will automatically display your logo
  • The supporter just clicks and your cause benefits
  • It's that easy

Two Ways to Partner

We recognize that every organization is different with unique requirements and challenges. TFP provides custom fundraising solutions tailored to help you take advantage of your opportunities and reach your organization's goals.

1)TFP Fundraising System

TFP provides an entire white label, peer to peer fundraising system for organizations that are looking for best in technology and unique fundraising programs. With this program you get all of our great fundraising options.

2)App Only Integration

Our app only integration option allows all of our unique fundraising programs to seamlessly work right alongside of your current system.

With our desktop fundraising app, your supporters can shop at over 1,500+ merchants, purchase gift cards and search the internet to support your cause. All of this is white labeled to match your brand image.

Here's what you get with each solution: Peer to peer website:both,Unlimited portals and apps:both,Accept donations:portal only,Online shopping program:both,Gift card program:both,Search and support program:both,Advanced tracking:portal only,Custom marketing system:portal only,Dedicated representative:both,Comprehensive reporting:both,Year round fundraising:both