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Teams - The Future of Fundraising

With a Fundraising Portal, you can raise more $$$$ for your team. We know it takes a lot to support your team's activities. Whether your goal is for the whole team or an individual player, TFP can help you get there.

Simplify your Fundraising

Reach your fundraising goal by:

  • Shopping Online
  • Purchasing Gift Cards
  • Searching the Internet
  • Accepting Direct Donations

Benefit From Your Everyday Activities

Parents are tired of the same old fundraisers, where they sell overpriced products door to door. Schools are looking for new and simpler ways to raise funds. Everyone is shopping online anyway, why not earn anywhere from 10¢ to 10% from the products they actually want to buy. With TFP you can!

  • -No Product Sales
  • -No Catalogs
  • -No Door to Door Selling
  • -No Cheap Prizes

Just Easy, Simple Fundraising!

Shop Online

Earn anywhere from 10¢ to 10% by shopping at thousands of participating merchants. Just Shop and Earn. . . it’s that easy!

Buy Gift Cards

Purchase gift cards at over 100 merchants and support your cause. Have your supporters purchases work for you.

Accept Donations

Earn funds now through direct donations from your family, friends and supporters.

Search the Internet

Support your cause by searching the Internet. Earn up to 3¢ per search. . . No Kidding!

Shop at your Favorite Stores

Shop online at over 1,500 leading stores, and buy gift cards at more than 100 premium merchants.

How It Works

Starting your own fundraising portal is really easy. You can be up and promoting your cause in just minutes. With TFP you can maximize your online fundraising efforts. Donations are just the first step... Now you can Shop, Search and Purchase your way to fundraising success.

Sign Up for a Portal

Sign up for your own custom fundraising portal. It only takes a few minutes and you can get started fundraising immediately.

Spread the Word

Spread the word to all of your family, friends and contacts. We make it easy with personalized marketing materials including Emails, Posters, Flyers and Social Media.

Earn Funds Now

Earn funds now! Ask for donations and you can start raising money immediately!

Whether it's $50, $1,000, $10,000 or more, your fundraising portal can help you exceed your goal!

Earn Funds 24/7/365

Continue fundraising all year long. You earn every time your supporters shop at participating merchants.

Our Fundraising App makes it easy! Like a fundraising assistant, just download and start shopping.

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The Fundraising App Makes it Easy

TFP provides your team the tools to engage supporters in ways that are relevant to their daily lives. Things like shopping, purchasing gift cards and searching the internet. Turn the activities they are already doing into funds for your organization.

Fundraising is easy with your custom fundraising app. All your supporters need to do is just download the app and start shopping.

  • Use the app for donations, shopping, gift cards and searches
  • With just a few clicks your cause benefits
  • It’s that easy